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BESolar has over 10 years of specialized renewable installation and operation experience within the energy services sector across the UK and Europe.

1 day installation with little disruption to property

We only use the best internationally recognised equipment - tier 1
Bloomberg investment approved panels with a 20 YEAR warranty

Over 10 years industry experience in the UK & Europe

Yearly audit inspection on your system

10 Year workmanship warranty on your entire system



BE Approved installation teams experienced in roofing and
electrical installations

The Beginning

BESolar and it's parent company, US Aberla Limited, has over 10 years of specialized renewable installation and operation experience within the energy services sector across the UK and Europe. Collectively we have gained consent and delivered 96 MW of renewable energy and continue to be one of the largest operators in the European domestic energy market.

In the UK we are fully Microgeneration Certification Scheme Certified and a Certified Member of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code. We are also an active member of the UKs’ Renewable Energy Association. As such our specializm is in providing individual turn-key solutions to our customers at the highest UK and European standards.


We provide consultancy, design, sale and implementation in the domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural spaces with projects ranging from a single domestic installation through to energy from waste.

It is BESolars’ single belief that every consumer of energy from fossil fuels, should be empowered to harness and utilize their energy potential by installing a range of renewable energy products starting with Solar PV.


BESolars’ experience in the domestic Solar PV market stems from a variety of channels including, door-to-door sales; private installations; collaboration with large investment funds and with UK Government Authorities.

We currently hold the record for delivering the highest performing domestic portfolio of its kind currently in the UK.

As a company we operate at the highest UK and European Standards and its these standards we bring to the US.

THE BESolar Process

At BESolar we believe in keeping things as simple and transparent as possible. We have 6 steps to help you go solar. Don’t worry, we actually do all the work but we thought set it out below so you can see how simple it is.


Any questions - just ask away.


The British Standard

Did you know that currently there are no recognized mandatory industry requirements or regulations to install solar in the USA. The main requirements are to hold a General Contractors Licence. At BESolar we feel this isn’t enough.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is a UK industry-led and nationally recognized quality assurance scheme supported by the UK Government. It certifies that products used to produce energy from renewable sources including Solar PV.  It also certifies installation teams, to ensure that the products have been installed and commissioned to the highest standard for the customer.


Certified solar products have to satisfy established, rigorous European and international testing standards. It gives installers a mark of quality and demonstrates to customers that installations are completed to the highest quality every time.


It is BESolars’ intention to bring these proven UK and European standards for installations and solar products  to the US market, starting with California, to set the new standard for Solar PV across the whole state.


We call it BE Approved.



Prior to any installation an operative will have undergone a fully intensive training programme. This is to ensure that each operative, both in-house and sub-contracted, meets BESolar's exacting standards.

Any installer wanting to work with us will need to be a ‘BE Approved’ installer. They will then be able to display the BESolar logo on their vehicles. Each installer will undergo
regular audits to ensure that the rigorous standards are adhered..



In our experience, if a high quality install is paired with quality equipment, then this makes for a high performing solar system with fewer ongoing maintenance requirements and higher performance.


Here at BESolar we believe in using the best internationally recognized equipment. Each item is sourced from manufacturers who’s products are tried, tested and independently approved. We only use the best Bloomberg investor approved panels. Our panels are each individually rated 300 watts or more and come with a 20-year warranty.


Besolar Sectors


Commercial Solar

At BESolar we understand that powering your business can feel like it costs the earth. Switching to or supplementing your electricity demand with solar power can help to significantly reduce the price of your electricity bills or end it altogether.


BESolar is able to offer small, medium and large businesses, solar  installations helping you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint and become a greener business.


Apply by registering your details by clicking the link below



Domestic Solar

BESolar is proud to be able to offer virtually every household in California solar whether you have invested in your energies' future or chosen one of our market leading finance or PPA packages.


At BESolar we believe in keeping things simple. We have 6 steps to help you go solar.


1. Decision to start saving

2. Survey & Design

3. Agreements Completed


4. Permissions

5. Installation

6. Begin Saving

How Solar Works

1. Solar Panels - how do they work?

Solar panels are made of silicon cells that activate when solar radiation (sunlight) hits them which produced direct current electricity (DC electricity). It’s important that there is as little shading as possible to your panels- the more direct sunlight that hits them, the better. But the DC electricity can’t be used just yet.


2. Inverter

Before the DC electricity can be used in the home it needs to be converted into alternating current or AC electricity. The inverter is a device that takes the DC electricity produced by your Solar PV system and turns it into AC electricity. This inverter is about the size of backpack and is installed on an external wall of your house or sometime in the garage. Depending on the size of the system you may need 1 or 2 of these.


3. Mains Electric Panel

This is where the electricity generated from plan panels enters your home. The AC electricity from your inverter flows to the main panel and then into to your home. Its on its own circuit so if the power trips you can still power your home from the panels.


Sometime you may generate more solar power than you need - during the day for example when you’re out. During these times the electricity flowing into the utility grid and you’ll be paid for electricity that the Solar PV system generates.


4. BESolar Generation Meter

The generation meter lets us monitor your system remotely. We check up on how its performing and it alerts us if there are any problems.


5. Utility Net Meter

The utilities net meter measures the amount of electricity you put back into the grid and how much you draw from the grid.  So when you make more energy than you use, the utility company will give you credit. That’s the bonus for being more energy independent!

Most people think that solar is really complication – as you can see it really isn’t. Get in touch today for a free estimate now.

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